World's Biggest Puzzle Pack for Picture Cross

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Main Game? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

World’s Biggest Puzzle Pack

A1: Robin
A2: Cherries
A3: Sign
A4: Thumbs Up
A5: Hop Scotch
A6: Dollar
A7: Ice Skater
A8: Tyre Tread
A9: Fence
A10: Radioactive
A11: Butterfly
A12: Ladybug
A13: Palm Tree
A14: Torch
A15: Mobile Phone
A16: Floppy Disc
A17: Camel
A18: Treasure Map
A19: Bowling Ball
A20: Alien

B1: Reindeer
B2: Panda
B3: Snowman
B4: Llama
B5: Beaver
B6: Skier
B7: No Entry
B8: Broken Hearted
B9: Badminton
B10: Kennel
B11: Postage Stamp
B12: Parrot
B13: Bird
B14: Kite Flyer
B15: Goat
B16: Gold Bar
B17: Treasure
B18: Reading a Book
B19: X Marks the Spot
B20: Flag

C1: Tent
C2: Wasp
C3: Pram
C4: Winner
C5: Hose Reel
C6: Paint Set
C7: Stop Watch
C8: Nest
C9: Vine
C10: Basketball Player
C11: Skull
C12: Lawnmower
C13: Rabbit
C14: Top Hat
C15: Tulip
C16: Puppy
C17: Camel Rider
C18: Spade
C19: Donkey
C20: Pear

D1: Parking
D2: Hare
D3: Scooter
D4: Tank
D5: Wrench
D6: Sawing
D7: Sewing Machine
D8: Roof Tiles
D9: Woolly Jumper
D10: Basketball Net
D11: Electricity Sign
D12: Sock
D13: Apple Core
D14: Rhino
D15: Bird House
D16: Plastic Bag
D17: Pole Vault
D18: Table Tennis Bat
D19: Teddy Bear
D20: Foot Prints

E1: Bench
E2: Badger
E3: Anvil
E4: Toolbox
E5: Soldier’s Helmet
E6: Ambulance
E7: Mohawk Haircut
E8: Perfume Bottle
E9: Shower
E10: Horse Head
E11: Computer Mouse
E12: Hockey Stick
E13: Piglet
E14: Porcupine
E15: Globe
E16: Boxer
E17: Long Jump
E18: Paper Windmill
E19: Sand Castle
E20: Racket

F1: Crow
F2: Cone
F3: Road Crossing
F4: Racing Bike
F5: Manhole Cover
F6: Pogo Stick
F7: TV
F8: Toilet
F9: Rocking Horse
F10: Piano
F11: Bell
F12: Binoculars
F13: Trumpet
F14: Bush
F15: Parasol
F16: Bottle and Glass
F17: Cookies
F18: Bucket and Spade
F19: Tennis Pro
F20: Tennis Ball

G1: Car
G2: Headlight
G3: Skater
G4: Giraffe
G5: Breakdown Truck
G6: Wind Sock
G7: Video Games
G8: Owl
G9: Candle
G10: Aerosol Can
G11: Toothbrush and Paste
G12: Hamburger
G13: Wig
G14: Hammock
G15: Football Helmet
G16: Towels
G17: Champagne Bottle
G18: Back Flip
G19: Jogger
G20: Poodle

H1: Jet Plane
H2: Steering Wheel
H3: Moped Rider
H4: Invader
H5: Smoke
H6: Chimney
H7: Kite
H8: Clock
H9: Fan
H10: Microchip
H11: Laptop Computer
H12: Pot Plant
H13: Pocket Watch
H14: Soccer Player
H15: Ball
H16: Coffee Mug
H17: Chef’s Hat
H18: Love Heart
H19: Dice
H20: Jockey

I1: Ballerina
I2: Motorbike
I3: Unicorn
I4: Arrow
I5: Frog
I6: Pizza
I7: Electric Shaver
I8: Brush and Roller
I9: Kettle
I10: Candles
I11: Drums
I12: Hammer
I13: Pineapple
I14: Sun Bathing
I15: Sun
I16: Cup of Tea
I17: Turtle
I18: Shell
I19: Coin
I20: DR Quizington’s Hat

J1: Road Worker
J2: Steam Train
J3: Antelope
J4: Hockey Player
J5: Angel
J6: Wizard’s Hat
J7: Joystick
J8: Easy as Pi
J9: Toaster
J10: Frying Pan
J11: Toy Drum
J12: Toy Train
J13: Stairway
J14: Seesaw
J15: Bread
J16: Cake
J17: Tea Pot
J18: Bottle
J19: Sea Urchin
J20: Walrus

K1: Dove
K2: Elephant
K3: Glove
K4: Hydrant
K5: Koala
K6: Termite
K7: Child on a Slide
K8: Shrub
K9: Music
K10: Guitar
K11: Balance Beam
K12: Mailbox
K13: Chicken
K14: Dog with Ball
K15: Beachball
K16: Medal
K17: Starfish
K18: Watermelon
K19: Boot
K20: Submarine

L1: Skateboarder
L2: Fir Cone
L3: Tinsel
L4: Scarf
L5: Chair
L6: Movie Camera
L7: Sunglasses
L8: Gymnastic Vault
L9: Victory
L10: Singer
L11: Goblet
L12: Lizard
L13: Eagle
L14: Boy with a Balloon
L15: Shirt
L16: Crab
L17: Cactus
L18: Pelican
L19: Rowing
L20: Coral

M1: Star
M2: Bauble
M3: Christmas Tree
M4: Wrapped Gift
M5: Apple
M6: Bowl of Fruit
M7: Playing Cards
M8: Wrist Watch
M10: Starting Pistol
M11: Jigsaw Piece
M12: Harp
M13: Shopping Trolley
M14: Camel
M15: Rubber Ring
M16: Baton
M17: Volleyball
M18: Surfer
M19: Dolphin
M20: Splash

N1: Satellite Dish
N2: Jingle Bells
N3: Saxophone
N4: Decanter
N5: Penguin
N6: Diving Board
N7: Portable Music Player
N8: Playful Dog
N9: Target
N10: Hand Stand
N11: Stapler
N12: Dog Bone
N13: Sand Castle
N14: Pocket Calculator
N15: Ice Cream Cone
N16: Sombrero Hat
N17: Jetski
N18: Waves
N19: Man in a Boat
N20: Windsurfer

O1: Bat
O2: Frisbee
O3: Wasp’s Nest
O4: Door
O5: Cocktail
O6: Gramophone
O7: Toy Duck
O8: Megaphone
O9: Hole Punch
O10: Flowers
O11: Wheelbarrow
O12: Dog
O13: Handbag
O14: Ostrich
O15: Stetson Hat
O16: Leaping Fish
O17: Orca
O18: Fish
O19: Yacht
O20: Sea Bird

P1: Window Cleaner
P2: House
P3: Sticky Tape Dispenser
P4: Hand Shake
P5: Birthday Cake
P6: Swan
P7: Crocodile
P8: Graffiti
P9: Mole
P10: Pebble Path
P11: Can
P12: Paw Print
P13: Smiling Face
P14: Deck Chair
P15: Capstan
P16: Boat
P17: Anchor
P18: Seal
P19: Fishing Float
P20: Shark

Q1: Star Spangled
Q2: Mouse
Q3: Cat
Q4: Plug
Q5: Torch
Q6: Tap
Q7: Tooth
Q8: Firework
Q9: Graveyard
Q10: Thistle
Q11: Fire
Q12: Coat
Q13: Dumbbells
Q14: Weight Lifter
Q15: Two Fish
Q16: Boat’s Wheel
Q17: Fishing Rod
Q18: Lobster
Q19: Octopus
Q20: Swimmer

R1: Bagpipes
R2: Coffee Machine
R3: Bedside Lamp
R4: Hairdryer
R5: Key
R6: Ant
R7: Pumpkin
R8: Boxing Gloves
R9: Watering Plants
R10: Dinosaur Fossil
R11: Quadbike
R12: Maple Leaf
R13: Banana
R14: Log
R15: Troll
R16: Jellyfish
R17: Seat
R18: Sea Monster
R19: Seahorse
R20: Dive

S1: Plane
S2: Propeller
S3: Bed
S4: Head Phones
S5: Lightbulb
S6: Greetings Card
S7: Dancers
S8: Hedgehog
S9: Snake
S10: Gnome
S11: Mushroom
S12: Liberty
S13: Kangaroo
S14: Wood Pile
S15: Crossword Puzzle
S16: Jetty Jumping
S17: Outboard Motor
S18: Mask and Snorkel
S19: Whale
S20: Seaweed

T1: Chameleon
T2: Sloth
T3: Stethoscope
T4: Rings
T5: Ghost
T6: Snail
T7: Swing
T8: Squirrel
T9: Lamb
T10: Turkey
T11: Rock
T12: Gorilla
T13: Puffin
T14: Message in a Bottle
T15: Life Ring
T16: Water Polo
T17: Squid
T18: Stingray
T19: Mermaid
T20: Slalom