Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Winter Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

Winter Pack

A1: Mountains
A2: Husky
A3: Mulled Wine
A4: Hot Chocolate
A5: Fire
A6: Firewood
A7: Wreath
A8: Bed

B1: Mountain Rescue
B2: Longjohns
B3: Woolly Hat
B4: Chocolate Box
B5: Gingerbread Man
B6: Thermometer
B7: Armchair
B8: Electric Blanket

C1: Fir Trees
C2: Pinecone
C3: Mistletoe
C4: New Year Party
C5: Fruitcake
C6: Decorations
C7: Heater
C8: Waffles

D1: Holly
D2: Arctic Fox
D3: Earmuffs
D4: Mittens
D5: Reindeer
D6: Snow Angel
D7: Soup
D8: Stew

E1: Bird Feeder
E2: Nuts
E3: Balaclava
E4: Santa
E5: Sledging
E6: Snowball Fight
E7: Shovel Snow
E8: Snow Drift

F1: Polar Bears
F2: Skidoo
F3: Luge
F4: Present
F5: Snowflake
F6: Hockey
F7: Scarf
F8: Snowman

G1: Ski Lift
G2: Snowboarder
G3: Icicles
G4: Snowplow
G5: Ice Fishing
G6: Ice Skaters
G7: Ice Skates
G8: Glacier

H1: Migrating Geese
H2: Biathlon
H3: Igloo
H4: Ice Scraper
H5: Curling Stone
H6: Speed Skater
H7: Penguins
H8: Iceberg