Wild West Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross Wild West Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Wild West Pack

Wild West Pack Picture Cross

Table of Content

Token Grid

Column A

A1: Whiskey
A2: Throwing Axe
A3: Wanted Poster
A4: Rain Slicker
A5: Stables
A6: Whip
A7: Cat
A8: Lasso
A9: Dusty Trail
A10: Cactus

Column B

B1: Moonshine
B2: Money Bag
B3: Hotel
B4: Rifle
B5: Sheriff
B6: Saddle
B7: Spurs
B8: Gold
B9: Cart
B10: Joshua Tree

Column C

C1: Bottles
C2: Card Table
C3: Feather Boa
C4: Poncho
C5: Chicken
C6: Barrel
C7: Covered Wagon
C8: Piggin String
C9: Banjo
C10: Cockerel

Column D

D1: Playing Cards
D2: Saloon
D3: Revolver
D4: Piano
D5: Outlaw
D6: Duel
D7: Holster
D8: Canteen
D9: Sword
D10: Horn

Column E

E1: Wooden Sign
E2: Noose
E3: Cowboy Boots
E4: Bow and Arrow
E5: Cowboy Vest
E6: Tumbleweed
E7: Horse
E8: Horse and Trap
E9: Horse Shoe
E10: Scorpion

Column F

F1: Spear
F2: Toilet
F3: Cowboy Hat
F4: Cowboy
F5: Gunfight
F6: Gunslinger
F7: Bandit
F8: Bandana
F9: Cattle Skull
F10: Panning for Gold

Column G

G1: Weathervane Compass
G2: Barn
G3: Sheriff Badge
G4: Pistol
G5: Roadrunner
G6: Hay Stack
G7: Dynamite
G8: Pony Express
G9: Pickaxe and Shovel
G10: Rattlesnake

Column H

H1: Windmill
H2: Bank
H3: Dog
H4: Dreamcatcher
H5: Canyon
H6: Mule
H7: Bronco
H8: Tepee
H9: Train
H10: Moose

Column I

I1: Creek
I2: Water Tower
I3: Chief
I4: Vulture
I5: Gate
I6: Buffalo
I7: Ranch
I8: Wild Turkey
I9: Train Driver
I10: Railway

Column J

J1: Cornfield
J2: Farm
J3: Fence
J4: Bull
J5: Cow
J6: Big Horned Cattle
J7: Train Station
J8: Hay Bale
J9: Coal Scuttle
J10: Monument Valley

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