Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Theme Park Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

Theme Park Pack

A1: Tree
A2: Lawnmower
A3: Flowerbed
A4: Gardener
A5: Big Top
A6: Stilt Worker
A7: Candy Floss
A9: Candy
A10: Badge

B1: Bush
B2: Space Rocket
B3: Push Chair
B4: Ghost Train
B5: Unicyclist
B6: Acrobat
B7: Dodgems
B8: Cash Register
B9: Cuddly Toy
B10: Vintage Car

C1: Dinosaur
C2: Astronaut
C3: Photo Stall
C4: Train
C5: Juggler
C6: Lion
C7: Fire Breather
C8: Cashier
C9: Balloon
C10: Soda

D1: Golf Buggy
D2: Roller Coaster
D3: Mascot
D4: Bench
D5: Shooting Range
D6: Clown
D7: Tea Cups
D8: Mug
D9: Cowboy
D10: Poncho

E1: Rocks
E2: Queue
E3: Baby
E4: Drink Fountain
E5: T-Shirt
E6: Carousel
E7: Family
E8: Children
E9: Ticket
E10: Ticket Office

F1: Flag
F2: Pirate Ship
F3: Mermaid
F4: Lamp Post
F5: Hamburger
F6: Hotdog
F7: Fountain
F8: Sweatshirt
F9: Sign
F10: Turnstile

G1: Pirate
G2: Island
G3: Steam Boat
G4: Apple Pie
G5: Fries
G6: Server
G7: Grandparents
G8: Trash Picker
G9: Hat
G10: Majorette

H1: Fish
H2: Lazy River
H3: Dragonfly
H4: Coffee
H5: Pizza
H6: Ice Cream
H7: Speakers
H8: 3D Glasses
H9: Band
H10: Drummers

I1: Waterfall
I2: Swan
I3: Gondola
I4: Cookie
I5: Waiter
I6: Popsicle
I7: Gorilla
I8: Seat
I9: Dancer
I10: Princess Outfit

J1: Log Flume
J2: Duck
J3: Peacock
J4: Trash Can
J5: Restrooms
J6: Donut
J7: Lights
J8: Popcorn
J9: Fireworks
J10: Doll