The Mall Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross The Mall Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Carnival Pack

The Mall Pack Picture Cross

Table of Content

Token Grid

Column A

A1: Aquarium
A3: Awning
A4: Backpack
A5: Balcony
A6: Barbers
A7: Burger
A8: Burrito
A9: Busker
A10: Churro

Column B

B1: Coffee
B2: Coins
B3: Cookie
B4: Credit Card
B5: Donut
B6: French Fries
B7: Fried Chicken
B8: Frozen Yogurt
B9: Games Store
B10: Go-karting

Column C

C1: Ice Cream
C2: Ice Rink
C3: Escalator
C4: Family
C5: Flower Bed
C6: Receipt
C7: Restroom
C8: Roller Coaster
C9: Samples
C10: Sandwich

Column D

D1: Massage Chair
D2: Milkshake
D3: Minigolf
D4: Music Store
D5: Jewelry Store
D6: Kiddie Ride
D7: Carwash
D8: Cash Register
D9: Caution Sign
D10: Chair

Column E

E1: Sports Store
E2: Stool
E3: Storage Locker
E4: Stroller
E5: Kids
E6: Kiosk
E7: Elevator
E8: Cinema
E9: Clothes Rack
E10: Clothes Store

Column F

F1: Guide Dog
F2: Information Booth
F3: Fitting Room
F4: Telephone Booth
F5: Flower Pot
F6: Food Cart
F7: Fountain
F8: Handbag
F9: Hanger
F10: Hotdog

Column G

G1: Speakers
G2: Barcode Scanner
G3: Shoe Store
G4: Cash
G5: Parking Lot
G6: Pizza
G7: Pretzel
G8: Bench
G9: Bowling
G10: Bunting

Column H

H1: Laser Tag
H2: Mall Cop
H3: Mannequin
H4: Sunglasses Stand
H5: Candy
H6: Swimming Pool
H7: Table
H8: Prize Car
H9: Purse
H10: Queues

Column I

I1: Shopping Bags
I2: Sign
I3: Spa
I4: Basket
I5: Cashier
I6: Sales Assistant
I7: Bank
I8: Price Tag
I9: Toy Store
I10: Train

Column J

J1: Card Reader
J2: Skylight
J3: Strip Lighting
J4: Trashcan
J5: Wallet
J6: Display
J7: Arcade Game
J8: Hair Salon
J9: Nail Bar
J10: Candy Store

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