Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Summer Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

Summer Pack

A1: Forest
A2: Hikers
A3: Pitcher
A4: Hayfever
A5: Sunflower
A6: Shade
A7: Lazy Days
A8: Daisy

B1: Backpacking
B2: Dandelion
B3: Baseball
B4: Cool Drink
B5: Water Fountain
B6: Chicken Salad
B7: Suntan Oil
B8: Sea Shell

C1: Corn on the Cob
C2: Golfer
C3: Hummingbird
C4: Road Trip
C5: Summer Wedding
C6: Margarita
C7: Sunhat
C8: Sandals

D1: Heatwave
D2: Summer Camp
D3: Holiday Romance
D4: Perspire
D5: Sundress
D6: Ice Tea
D7: Visor
D8: Bathing Trunks

E1: Night Sky
E2: Steak
E3: Sundae
E4: Ice Cream Van
E5: Bare Feet
E6: Handstand
E7: Life Guard
E8: Beer

F1: River Raft
F2: Dragonfly
F3: Air Condition Unit
F4: Popsicle
F5: Skipping
F6: Water Pistol
F7: Lemonade
F8: Narwhal

G1: Rope Swing
G2: Canoeing
G3: Apple Pie
G4: Clown
G5: Cotton Candy
G6: Trampoline
G7: Moonlight Swim
G8: Wakeboarder

H1: Big Splash
H2: Skinny Dip
H3: Rainbow
H4: Carnival Horse
H5: Sea Lion
H6: Gardening Tools
H7: Cool Off
H8: Deep Sea Diver