Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Restaurant Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Please note that we are still working on and uploading the answers. Please check back for more updates!

Restaurant Pack

A1: Hand Drier
A2: Bartender
A3: Bar
A4: Gherkin
A5: Straws
A6: Milkshake
A7: Clown
A8: Fryer
A9: Salt
A10: Vinegar

B1: Dishwasher
B2: Newspaper
B3: Napkin
B4: Fruit Bag
B5: Wrap
B6: Cola
B7: Hotdog
B8: Party
B9: Pickled Egg
B10: Fish and Chips

C1: Sink
C2: Wok
C3: Spring Rolls
C4: Bin
C5: Apple Pie
C6: Kid’s Toy
C7: Burger
C8: Spaghetti
C9: Tomato Sauce
C10: Kebab

D1: Detergent
D2: Chopsticks
D3: Dim Sum
D4: Baby
D5: Children
D6: Fries
D7: Mop
D8: Lasagne
D9: Pizza
D10: Pizza Oven

E1: Dragonfly
E2: Cake
E3: Wontons
E4: Fortune Cookie
E5: Fried Rice
E6: Ice Cream
E7: Cleaner
E8: Bread Sticks
E9: Parmesan
E10: Balti

F1: Toilets
F2: Muffin
F3: Burrito
F4: Sweet and Sour
F5: Noodles
F6: Panini
F7: Seat
F8: Garlic Bread
F9: Flowers
F10: Curry

G1: Sofa
G2: Banana Split
G3: Nachos
G4: Chili
G5: Take Out Box
G6: Customer
G7: Salad Bowl
G8: Tomato
G9: Hot Plate
G10: Table

H1: Cookie
H2: Sundae
H3: Sandwich
H4: Taco
H5: Cutlery
H6: Stool
H7: Pepper Grinder
H8: Lettuce
H9: Plates
H10: Poppodums

I1: Coffee
I2: Soup
I3: Spoon
I4: Jalapenos
I5: Conveyor
I6: Sushi
I7: Chef
I8: Wine Glass
I9: Naan Bread
I10: Waiter

J1: Coffee Machine
J2: Sugar Bowl
J3: Baked Potato
J4: Soy Sauce
J5: Wasabi Paste
J6: Ginger
J7: Teriyaki
J8: Wine Bottle
J9: Beer
J10: Cash Register