Pirates Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross Pirates Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Pirates Pack

Table of Content

Column A

A1: Albatross
A2: Fiddle
A3: Tankard
A4: Gold Doubloons
A5: Capstan
A6: Gull
A7: Turtle
A8: Starfish
A9: Pieces of Eight
A10: Fish

Column B

B1: Barman
B2: Inn
B3: Rum
B4: Rat
B5: Duelling Pistols
B6: Sea Dog
B7: Rowboat
B8: Ropes
B9: Mermaid
B10: Octopus

Column C

C1: Treasure Map
C2: Key
C3: Goblet
C4: Rifle
C5: Pig
C6: Dock
C7: Cat o’ Nine Tails
C8: Blunderbuss
C9: Figurehead
C10: Swordfish

Column D

D1: Sun
D2: Jolly Roger
D3: Table
D4: Rigging
D5: Chair
D6: Swab the Deck
D7: Dagger
D8: Swordfight
D9: Wind
D10: Anchor

Column E

E1: Rocks
E2: Lookout
E3: Crows Nest
E4: Ladder
E5: Mast
E6: Skull
E7: Eye Patch
E8: Ships Cat
E9: Drum
E10: Barnacles

Column F

F1: Palm Tree
F2: Beach
F3: Telescope
F4: Sail
F5: Compass
F6: Hook Hand
F7: Crew
F8: Blackbeard
F9: Cannon Fuse
F10: Storm

Column G

G1: Treasure Chest
G2: Silver
G3: Cutlass
G4: Hatchet
G5: Sextant
G6: Ships Cook
G7: Axe
G8: Peg Leg
G9: Cannon
G10: Shipwreck

Column H

H1: Gems
H2: Treasure
H3: Cocked Hat
H4: Ships Wheel
H5: Chicken
H6: Cabin
H7: Sea Biscuit
H8: Gangplank
H9: Galleon
H10: Cannon Balls

Column I

I1: Desert Island
I2: Gold
I3: Crab
I4: Captain
I5: Cabin Boy
I6: Ships Log
I7: Bandana
I8: Walking the Plank
I9: Irons
I10: Waves

Column J

J1: Cave
J2: X Marks the Spot
J3: Parrot
J4: Bell
J5: Poop Deck
J6: Rudder
J7: Knot
J8: Barrel
J9: Shark
J10: High Seas

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