Pet Store for Picture Cross

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Pet Store Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

Pet Store Pack

A1: Gecko
A2: Door
A3: Cat Flap
A4: Shopping Trolley
A5: Towel
A6: Muzzle
A7: Dog Sleigh
A8: Dog Bed
A9: Agility Hurdle
A10: Poodle

B1: Window
B2: Guide Dog
B3: Shopping Basket
B4: Bone
B5: Canned Food
B6: Dog Coat
B7: Kennel
B8: Great Dane
B9: Training Hoop
B10: Children

C1: Car
C2: Wallet
C3: Whistle
C4: Dog Toy
C5: Dog Treats
C6: Cone Collar
C7: Ants
C8: Dog Bowl
C9: Puppy
C10: Chihuahua

D1: Cash Till
D2: Credit Card
D3: Dog Shampoo
D4: Poo Bags
D5: Shopping Bag
D6: Ferret
D7: Dog Lead
D8: Dog Collar
D9: Dog
D10: Agility Weave Poles

F1: Cashier
F2: Coins
F3: Brush
F4: Name Tag
F5: Chinchilla
F6: Canary
F7: Cockatoo
F8: Dog Boots
F9: Sausage Dog
F10: Ball

G1: Aquarium Filter
G2: Aquarium Plants
G3: Hamster Cage
G4: Hamster
G5: Snake
G6: Parrot
G7: Bird Cage
G8: Iguana
G9: Paddling Pool
G10: Ball Thrower

H1: Aquarium Castle
H2: Fish Food
H3: Hamster Wheel
H4: Hamster Ball
H5: Litter Tray
H6: Cat Flap
H7: Cleaner
H8: Hay
H9: Tortoise
H10: Flower

I1: Guppy
I2: Goldfish
I3: Mouse
I4: Guinea Pig
I5: Cat Bed
I6: Scratching Post
I7: Spider
I8: Rabbit Hutch
I9: Rabbit
I10: Bird Bath

J1: Aquarium
J2: Frog
J3: Rat Maze
J4: Rat
J5: Cat Carrier
J6: Kitten
J7: Ball of String
J8: Hedge
J9: Chicken
J10: Terrapin

K1: Maggots
K2: Tarantula
K3: Newt
K4: Gerbil
K5: Tree
K6: Budgerigar
K7: Bird Feeder
K8: Chicken Coop
K9: Worms
K10: Koi