Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Pet Store Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

Pet Store Pack

A1: Gecko
A2: Door
A3: Cat Flap
A4: Shopping Trolley
A5: Towel
A6: Muzzle
A7: Dog Sleigh
A8: Dog Bed
A9: Agility Hurdle
A10: Poodle

B1: Window
B2: Guide Dog
B3: Shopping Basket
B4: Bone
B5: Canned Food
B6: Dog Coat
B7: Kennel
B8: Great Dane
B9: Training Hoop
B10: Children

C1: Car
C2: Wallet
C3: Whistle
C4: Dog Toy
C5: Dog Treats
C6: Cone Collar
C7: Ants
C8: Dog Bowl
C9: Puppy
C10: Chihuahua

D1: Cash Till
D2: Credit Card
D3: Dog Shampoo
D4: Poo Bags
D5: Shopping Bag
D6: Ferret
D7: Dog Lead
D8: Dog Collar
D9: Dog
D10: Agility Weave Poles

F1: Cashier
F2: Coins
F3: Brush
F4: Name Tag
F5: Chinchilla
F6: Canary
F7: Cockatoo
F8: Dog Boots
F9: Sausage Dog
F10: Ball

G1: Aquarium Filter
G2: Aquarium Plants
G3: Hamster Cage
G4: Hamster
G5: Snake
G6: Parrot
G7: Bird Cage
G8: Iguana
G9: Paddling Pool
G10: Ball Thrower

H1: Aquarium Castle
H2: Fish Food
H3: Hamster Wheel
H4: Hamster Ball
H5: Litter Tray
H6: Cat Flap
H7: Cleaner
H8: Hay
H9: Tortoise
H10: Flower

I1: Guppy
I2: Goldfish
I3: Mouse
I4: Guinea Pig
I5: Cat Bed
I6: Scratching Post
I7: Spider
I8: Rabbit Hutch
I9: Rabbit
I10: Bird Bath

J1: Aquarium
J2: Frog
J3: Rat Maze
J4: Rat
J5: Cat Carrier
J6: Kitten
J7: Ball of String
J8: Hedge
J9: Chicken
J10: Terrapin

K1: Maggots
K2: Tarantula
K3: Newt
K4: Gerbil
K5: Tree
K6: Budgerigar
K7: Bird Feeder
K8: Chicken Coop
K9: Worms
K10: Koi