Paris Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Paris Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Please note that this page is a work in progress. The puzzles are very hard! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Table of Content

Paris Pack

Token Grid

Column A

A1: Love Heart
A2: Café
A3: Chef’s Hat
A4: Poodle
A5: Bin
A6: Parking
A7: Window
A8: Cherries
A9: Fence
A10: Dancer
A11: Decanter
A12: Scooter
A13: Flowerbed
A14: Family
A15: Mobile Phone

Column B

B1: Holiday Romance
B2: Perfume Bottle
B3: Wine Glass
B4: Waiter
B5: Squirrel
B6: Tortoise
B7: Tree
B8: Broken Hearted
B9: Phone
B10: Kennel
B11: Butterfly
B12: ATM
B13: Sundress
B14: Hairdryer
B15: Grandparents

Column C

C1: Water Fountain
C2: Champagne Bottle
C3: Paint Set
C4: Summer Wedding
C5: Shampoo
C6: Soup
C7: Razor
C8: Tent
C9: Tomato Sauce
C10: Duck
C11: Funfair
C12: Dog Bone
C13: Bird Box
C14: Plane
C15: Tulip

Column D

D1: Ballerina
D2: Chocolate Box
D3: Earmuffs
D4: Baby
D5: Handbag
D6: Dog
D7: Train
D8: Lasagne
D9: Garbage
D10: Dove
D11: Sausage Dog
D12: Steak
D13: Carousel
D14: Lightbulb
D15: Puppy

Column E

E1: Chef
E2: Balloon
E3: Ticket Office
E4: Toolbox
E5: Fountain
E6: Car
E7: Kid’s Toy
E8: Kitten
E9: Bread Sticks
E10: Scarf
E11: Birthday Cake
E12: Juggler
E13: Swan
E14: Soap
E15: Bath

Column F

F1: Jockey
F2: Cone
F3: Sign
F4: Hand Drier
F5: Manhole Cover
F6: Lamp
F7: Visor
F8: Nest
F9: Bird Cage
F10: Piano
F11: Photo
F12: Binoculars
F13: Shopping Trolley
F14: Snail
F15: Swing

Column G

G1: Sofa
G2: Bartender
G3: Ticket
G4: Sugar Bowl
G5: Doll
G6: Push Chair
G7: Rocking Horse
G8: Owl
G9: Candle
G10: Cuddly Toy
G11: Toothbrush and Paste
G12: Vase
G13: Wig
G14: Bush
G15: Present

Column H

H1: Bunk Beds
H2: Bar
H3: Moped Rider
H4: Jogger
H5: Badger
H6: Sausage
H7: Carnival Horse
H8: Doll
H9: Telephone Lines
H10: Rainbow
H11: Napkin
H12: Pot Plant
H13: Bedside Lamp
H14: Soccer Player
H15: Ball

Column I

I1: Drink Fountain
I2: Motorbike
I3: Dog Leash
I4: Candles
I5: Frog
I6: Coffee Mug
I7: Shower
I8: Litter Bin
I9: Lazy Days
I10: Canary
I11: Drums
I12: Pepper Grinder
I13: Trumpet
I14: Sun Bathing
I15: Lights

Column J

J1: Bed
J2: Pillows
J3: Coffee Machine
J4: Garlic Bread
J5: Railings
J6: Cake
J7: Teapot
J8: Wrapped Gift
J9: Shirt
J10: Reading a Book
J11: Runner
J12: Brush
J13: Sunflower
J14: Chihuahua
J15: Pear

Column K

K1: Candy Floss
K2: Hot Chocolate
K3: Glove
K4: Bone
K5: Hose Reel
K6: Goblet
K7: Electric Shaver
K8: Hedgehog
K9: Music
K10: Guitar
K11: House
K12: Gardening Tools
K13: Gardener
K14: Air Condition Unit
K15: Chicken Salad

Column L

L1: Hat
L2: Fire
L3: Pram
L4: Sunhat
L5: Peacock
L6: Spider
L7: Singer
L8: Skipping
L9: Towel
L10: Cash Register
L11: Toddler
L12: Bookcase
L13: Pocket Watch
L14: Nuts
L15: Laundry Basket

Column M

M1: Rings
M2: Whistle
M3: Shopping Bag
M4: Sandals
M5: Parasol
M6: Apple
M7: Sunglasses
M8: Ball of String
M9: Shrub
M10: Roof
M11: Bike
M12: Ladybug
M13: Chimney
M14: Cool Drink
M15: Spaghetti

Column N

N1: Wine Bottles
N2: Thermometer
N3: Armchair
N4: Mouse
N5: Sun Lounger
N6: Waffles
N7: Soccer
N8: Sundae
N9: Curtains
N10: Picture
N11: Bowl of Fruit
N12: Pizza
N13: Birds
N14: Dog Bed
N15: Spoon

Column O

O1: Glasses
O2: Bottle and Glass
O3: Cat
O4: Cat Carrier
O5: Sunhat
O6: Gramophone
O7: Trash Picker
O8: Photo Stall
O9: Teddy Bear
O10: Flowers
O11: T-Shirt
O12: Coat
O13: Cleaner
O14: Mug
O15: Bird House

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