Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross On the Beach Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

On the Beach Pack

A1: Bunting
A2: Shell
A3: Beer
A4: Wine
A5: Wasp
A6: Mini Golf
A7: Burger
A8: Tongs
A9: Angler
A10: Seaweed

B1: Cafe
B2: Shower
B3: Octopus
B4: Bar
B5: Railings
B6: Pebble
B7: Sausage
B9: Fishing Net
B10: Sponge

C1: Blanket
C2: Cake
C3: Gull
C4: Palm Tree
C5: Coconut
C6: Prawn
C7: Runner
C8: Steak
C9: Crab
C10: Coral

D1: Ice Cream
D2: Puppy
D3: Sandwich
D4: Garbage
D5: Spade
D6: Digging
D7: Bucket
D8: Sandcastle
D9: Groyne
D10: Waves

E1: Balloons
E2: Chips
E3: Walker
E4: Cricket
E5: Sun Glasses
E6: Sun Lounger
E7: Shark
E8: Starfish
E9: Pelican
E10: Dinghy

F1: Funfair
F2: Candy Floss
F3: Turtle
F4: Parasail
F5: Sun Cream
F6: Kite
F7: Beachball
F8: Sea Urchin
F9: Lifeguard
F10: Life Ring

G1: Spatula
G2: Sun Hat
G3: Toddler
G4: Limbo
G5: Deck Chair
G6: Frisbee
G7: Razor Clam
G8: Drumstick
G9: Water Skier
G10: Buoy

H1: Sunset
H2: Litter Bin
H3: Bowls
H4: Windbreak
H5: Volleyball
H6: Soccer
H7: Seal
H8: Pedalo
H9: Banana Boat
H10: Swimmer

I1: Surfboard
I2: Surfer
I3: Towel
I4: Children
I5: Wakeboarder
I6: Mussel
I7: Swimsuit
I8: Fish
I9: Dolphin
I10: Shoal

J1: Toilets
J2: Beach Buggy
J3: Baby
J4: Cookie
J5: Pier
J6: Jellyfish
J7: Bikini
J8: Squid
J9: Jet Ski
J10: Wind Surfer