Museum Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross Museum Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Museum Pack

Museum Pack Picture Cross

Table of Content

Column A

A1: Cloakroom
A2: Security Guard
A3: Armor
A4: Gas Mask
A5: London Taxi
A6: Jet Engine
A7: Metro Train
A8: Tram
A9: Information Desk
A10: 3D Printer

Column B

B1: Grenade
B2: Shield
B3: Tank
B4: Locomotive
B5: Hot Air Balloon
B6: Biplane
B7: Bow and Arrow
B8: Spear
B9: Portrait
B10: Clock

Column C

C1: Bayonet
C2: Pistol
C3: Trebuchet
C4: Blue Whale
C5: Helicopter
C6: Spartan Warrior
C7: Security Check
C8: Space Suit
C9: Landscape
C10: Microscope

Column D

D1: Gladiator
D2: Rifle
D3: Cannon
D4: Giant Squid
D5: Manatee
D6: Ammonite
D7: Bust
D8: Automobile
D9: Rocket
D10: Fire Truck

Column E

E1: Knight
E2: Sword
E3: Cabinet
E4: Sabre Toothed Tiger
E5: Auk
E6: Audio Guide
E7: Drone
E8: London Bus
E9: Penny Farthing
E10: Gift Shop

Column F

F1: Tapestry
F2: Abstract Sculpture
F3: Samurai
F4: Woolly Mammoth
F5: Dodo
F6: Pterodactyl
F7: Steam Engine
F8: Abstract Painting
F9: Telescope
F10: Vah Der Graaf Generator

Column G

G1: Urn
G2: Bronze Cast
G3: Zulu Warrior
G4: Velociraptor
G5: Walrus
G6: Passenger Pigeon
G7: Pottery
G8: New York Cab
G9: Satellite
G10: Diving Suit

Column H

H1: Cat Statue
H2: Mummy
H3: Sarcophagus
H4: Ticket
H5: T-Rex
H6: Neanderthal
H8: Horse Drawn Carriage
H9: Super Computer
H10: Enigma Machine

Column I

I1: Obelisk
I2: Hieroglyphics
I3: Scarab
I4: Ankh
I5: Stegasaurus
I6: Fossil
I7: Triceratops
I8: Sedan Chair
I9: Cafe
I10: Space Capsule

Column J

J1: Jackal
J2: Sphinx
J3: Statue
J4: Guide Book
J5: Dinosaur Egg
J6: Trilobite
J7: Wood Carving
J8: Shark
J9: Guide
J10: Visitors

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