Main St. Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross Main St. Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Main St. Pack

Main St Picture Cross

Table of Content

Token Grid

Main St Token List Main St

Column A

A1: Soda
A2: Billboard
A3: Barber Shop
A4: Vintage Car
A5: Omnibus
A6: Sneakers
A7: Churros Stand
A8: Table
A9: Burger Bar
A10: Chair

Column B

B1: Pigeons
B2: Old Folks
B3: Barber
B4: Mailman
B5: Children
B6: Shorts
B7: Railings
B8: Café
B9: Coffee
B10: Popcorn Stand

Column C

C1: Fire Chief
C2: Sign
C3: Boater Hat
C4: Flags
C5: Baseball Cap
C6: Family
C7: Hydrant
C8: Ice Cream Stand
C9: Hotdog
C10: Bench

Column D

D1: Cat
D2: Clock
D3: Castle
D4: Arcade
D5: Pram
D6: Fire Engine
D7: Horseless Carriage
D8: Picket Fence
D9: Restaurant
D10: Flower Bed

Column E

E1: Fireworks
E2: Philharmonic
E3: Crystal Arts
E4: Bank
E5: Store Window
E6: Steam Train
E7: Car
E8: Popsicle
E9: Fountain
E10: Love Heart

Column F

F1: Dog
F2: Singer
F3: Pianist
F4: Theater
F5: Candy Store
F6: Mailbox
F7: Trolley Car
F8: Mobility Scooter
F9: Trees
F10: Bubbles

Column G

G1: Stars and Stripes
G2: Balloons
G3: Pressed Penny
G4: Hanging Basket
G5: Clothes Store
G6: Trashcan
G7: Bicycle
G8: Skateboard
G9: Baby
G10: Flower Pot

Column H

H1: Veteran
H2: Ticker Tape
H3: Chapeau
H4: Newspaper Stand
H5: Policeman
H6: Sunglasses
H7: Parade
H8: Stilt Walker
H9: Dog Walker
H10: Bleachers

Column I

I1: Mayor
I2: Cape Cod
I3: Glassblower
I4: Scooter
I5: Mr. Lincoln
I6: Bunting
I7: Unicycle
I8: Tap Dancing
I9: Topiary
I10: Street Lights

Column J

J1: Flag Retreat
J2: Ball
J3: City Hall
J4: Horse
J5: Train Station
J6: Horse Drawn Trolley
J7: Trolley Show
J8: Marching Band
J9: Lollipop
J10: Gas Lamp

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