Hospital Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Hospital Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Hospital Pack

Hospital Pack for Picture Cross

Table of Content

Column A

A1: Soother
A2: Gas Mask
A3: Gas Cannister
A4: Anesthetist
A5: Forceps
A6: Pillows
A7: Nightgown
A8: Band Aid
A9: Cash Register
A10: Pharmacy

Column B

B1: Baby Bed
B2: Diaper
B3: Operation
B4: Surgeon
B5: Scalpel
B6: Curtains
B7: Blanket
B8: Disposable Glove
B9: Bandages
B10: First Aid Kit

Column C

C1: Day Bag
C2: Toy Train
C3: Children
C4: Defibrillator
C5: Saline Stand
C6: Pajamas
C7: Nurse
C8: Cough Medicine
C9: Lab Coat
C10: Tweezers

Column D

D1: Pushchair
D2: Children’s Books
D3: Pregnant Woman
D4: Tablets
D5: Inhaler
D6: Invalid
D7: Bed Tray
D8: Camera
D9: Pot Plant
D10: Trash Can

Column E

E1: Grapes
E2: Water Jug
E3: Baby
E4: Laptop
E5: Receptionist
E6: Injection
E7: Bed
E8: Tree
E9: Antiseptic Cream
E10: Cuddly Toy

Column F

F1: Thermometer
F2: Ultrasound
F3: Toilet
F4: Porter
F5: Telephone
F6: Magazine
F7: Bed Pan
F8: X-Ray
F9: Ambulance
F10: Cleaner

Column G

G1: Broken Leg
G2: Water Cooler
G3: Mirror
G4: Wheelchair
G5: Waiting Room
G6: Chairs
G7: Window
G8: Trolley
G9: Mobile Phone
G10: Rubber Boots

Column H

H1: Elevator
H2: Handwash
H3: Sink
H4: Soap
H5: Visitors
H6: Chair
H7: Stethoscope
H8: Mask
H9: Mop
H10: Sling

Column I

I2: Microwave
I3: Meal
I4: Hand Dryer
I5: TV
I6: Lights
I7: Doctor
I8: Patient
I9: Stretcher
I10: Dog

Column J

J1: Shop
J2: Cafeteria
J3: Soup
J4: Coffee
J5: Laundry
J6: Flowers
J7: Clipboard
J8: Drip
J9: Crutches
J10: Car

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