Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross Home Sweet Home Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Please note that we are working on these, and they will be uploaded shortly. Thank you!

After Dark Pack

A1: Sun
A2: Telephone Lines
A3: Birds
A4: Tree
A5: Swing
A6: Shed
A7: Mail Box
A8: Car
A9: Wall
A10: Water Pipes

B1: Roof
B2: Satellite Dish
B3: Air Con Unit
B4: Bird Box
B5: Basketball Hoop
B6: Bush
B7: Fence
B8: Flower Bed
B9: Laundry Basket
B10: Washing Machine

C1: Aerial
C2: Fishing Rod
C3: Bookcase
C4: Parrot
C5: Armchair
C6: Curtains
C7: Glasses
C8: Napkin
C9: Sink
C10: Cupboards

D1: Chimney
D2: Photo
D3: Lamp
D4: Phone
D5: Fire
D6: Picture
D7: Turkey
D8: Chair
D9: Fish Bowl
D10: Drawers

E1: Skylight
E2: Typewriter
E3: Cat
E4: TV
E5: Dog
E6: Flowers
E7: Cutlery
E8: Table
E9: Iron
E10: Ironing Board

F1: Bat
F2: Vase
F3: Trapdoor
F4: Speakers
F5: Sofa
F6: Bowl
F7: Hob
F8: Oven
F9: Door
F10: Stairs

G1: Teddy Bear
G2: Children
G3: Lights
G4: Mirror
G5: Pillows
G6: Jug
G7: Coffee Machine
G8: Plates
G9: Bike
G10: Table Tennis

H1: Doll
H2: Bunk Beds
H3: Rug
H4: Wardrobe
H5: Bed
H6: Ice Cream Maker
H7: Food Mixer
H8: Soap
H9: Goal
H10: Pool Ball

I1: Shelves
I2: Rocking Horse
I3: Towel
I4: Shampoo
I5: Bath
I6: Wine Bottles
I7: Microwave
I8: Fridge
I9: Computer
I10: Golf Clubs

J1: Toy Car
J2: Doll’s House
J3: Toothbrush
J4: Razor
J5: Toilet
J6: Teapot
J7: Kettle
J8: Dog Bed
J9: Cat Litter
J10: Vacuum