Looking for answers to help you complete levels in World’s Biggest Picture Cross After Dark Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel!

After Dark Pack

A1: Chameleon
A2: Sloth
A3: Stethoscope
A4: Rings
A5: Ghost
A6: Snail
A7: Swing
A8: Squirrel
A9: Lamb
A10: Turkey
A11: Rock
A12: Gorilla
A13: Puffin
A14: Message in a Bottle
A15: Life Ring
A16: Water Polo
A17: Squid
A18: Stingray
A19: Mermaid
A20: Slalom

B1: Plane
B2: Propeller
B3: Bed
B4: Head Phones
B5: Lightbulb
B6: Greetings Card
B7: Dancers
B8: Hedgehog
B9: Snake
B10: Gnome
B11: Mushroom
B12: Liberty
B13: Kangaroo
B14: Wood Pile
B15: Crossword Puzzle
B16: Jetty Jumping
B17: Outboard Motor
B18: Mask and Snorkel
B19: Whale
B20: Seaweed

C1: Bagpipes
C2: Coffee Machine
C3: Bedside Lamp
C4: Hairdryer
C5: Key
C6: Ant
C7: Pumpkin
C8: Boxing Gloves
C9: Watering Plants
C10: Dinosaur Fossil
C11: Quadbike
C12: Maple Leaf
C13: Banana
C14: Log
C15: Troll
C16: Jellyfish
C17: Seat
C18: Sea Monster
C19: Seahorse
C20: Dive

D1: Star Spangled!
D2: Mouse
D3: Cat
D4: Plug
D5: Torch
D6: Tap
D7: Tooth
D8: Firework
D9: Graveyard
D10: Thistle
D11: Fire
D12: Coat
D13: Dumbbells
D14: Weight Lifter
D15: Two Fish
D16: Boat’s Wheel
D17: Fishing Rod
D18: Lobster
D19: Octopus
D20: Swimmer

E1: Window Cleaner
E2: House
E3: Sticky Tape Dispenser
E4: Hand Shake
E5: Birthday Cake
E6: Swan
E7: Crocodile
E8: Graffiti
E9: Mole
E10: Pebble Path
E11: Can
E12: Paw Print
E13: Smiling Face
E14: Deck Chair
E15: Capstan
E16: Boat
E17: Anchor
E18: Seal
E19: Fishing Float
E20: Shark

F1: Bat
F2: Frisbee
F3: Wasp’s Nest
F4: Door
F5: Cocktail
F6: Gramophone
F7: Toy Duck
F8: Megaphone
F9: Hole Punch
F10: Flowers
F11: Wheelbarrow
F12: Dog
F13: Handbag
F14: Ostrich
F15: Stetson Hat
F16: Leaping Fish
F17: Orca
F18: Fish
F19: Yacht
F20: Sea Bird

G1: Satellite Dish
G2: Jingle Bells
G3: Saxophone
G4: Decanter
G5: Penguin
G6: Diving Board
G7: Portable Music Player
G8: Playful Dog
G9: Target
G10: Hand Stand
G11: Stapler
G12: Dog Bone
G13: Sand Castle
G14: Pocket Calculator
G15: Ice Cream Cone
G16: Sombrero Hat
G17: Jetski
G18: Waves
G19: Man in a Boat
G20: Windsurfer

H1: Star
H2: Bauble
H3: Christmas Tree
H4: Wrapped Gift
H5: Apple
H6: Bowl of Fruit
H7: Playing Cards
H8: Wrist Watch
H10: Starting Pistol
H11: Jigsaw Piece
H12: Harp
H13: Shopping Trolley
H14: Camel
H15: Rubber Ring
H16: Baton
H17: Volleyball
H18: Surfer
H19: Dolphin
H20: Splash

I1: Skateboarder
I2: Fir Cone
I3: Tinsel
I4: Scarf
I5: Chair
I6: Movie Camera
I7: Sunglasses
I8: Gymnastic Vault
I9: Victory
I10: Singer
I11: Goblet
I12: Lizard
I13: Eagle
I14: Boy with a Balloon
I15: Shirt
I16: Crab
I17: Cactus
I18: Pelican
I19: Rowing
I20: Coral

J1: Dove
J2: Elephant
J3: Glove
J4: Hydrant
J5: Koala
J6: Termite
J7: Child on a Slide
J8: Shrub
J9: Music
J10: Guitar
J11: Balance Beam
J12: Mailbox
J13: Chicken
J14: Dog with Ball
J15: Beachball
J16: Medal
J17: Starfish
J18: Watermelon
J19: Boot
J20: Submarine

K1: Road Worker
K2: Steam Train
K3: Antelope
K4: Hockey Player
K5: Angel
K6: Wizard’s Hat
K7: Joystick
K8: Easy as Pi
K9: Toaster
K10: Frying Pan
K11: Toy Drum
K12: Toy Train
K13: Stairway
K14: Seesaw
K15: Bread
K16: Cake
K17: Tea Pot
K18: Bottle
K19: Sea Urchin
K20: Walrus

L1: Ballerina
L2: Motorbike
L3: Unicorn
L4: Arrow
L5: Frog
L6: Pizza
L7: Electric Shaver
L8: Brush and Roller
L9: Kettle
L10: Candles
L11: Drums
L12: Hammer
L13: Pineapple
L14: Sun Bathing
L15: Sun
L16: Cup of Tea
L17: Turtle
L18: Shell
L19: Coin
L20: Dr Quizington’s Hat

M1: Jet Plane
M2: Steering Wheel
M3: Moped Rider
M4: Invader
M5: Smoke
M6: Chimney
M7: Kite
M8: Clock
M9: Fan
M10: Microchip
M11: Laptop Computer
M12: Pot Plant
M13: Pocket Watch
M14: Soccer Player
M15: Ball
M16: Coffee Mug
M17: Chef’s Hat
M18: Love Heart
M19: Dice
M20: Jockey

N1: Car
N2: Headlight
N3: Skater
N4: Giraffe
N5: Breakdown Truck
N6: Wind Sock
N7: Video Games
N8: Owl
N9: Candle
N10: Aerosol Can
N11: Toothbrush and Paste
N12: Hamburger
N13: Wig
N14: Hammock
N15: Football Helmet
N16: Towels
N17: Champagne Bottle
N18: Back Flip
N19: Jogger
N20: Poodle

O1: Crow
O2: Cone
O3: Road Crossing
O4: Racing Bike
O5: Manhole Cover
O6: Pogo Stick
O7: TV
O8: Toilet
O9: Rocking Horse
O10: Piano
O11: Bell
O12: Binoculars
O13: Trumpet
O14: Bush
O15: Parasol
O16: Bottle and Glass
O17: Cookies
O18: Bucket and Spade
O19: Tennis Pro
O20: Tennis Ball

P1: Bench
P2: Badger
P3: Anvil
P4: Toolbox
P5: Soldier’s Helmet
P6: Ambulance
P7: Mohawk Haircut
P8: Perfume Bottle
P9: Shower
P10: Horse Head
P11: Computer Mouse
P12: Hockey Stick
P13: Piglet
P14: Porcupine
P15: Globe
P16: Boxer
P17: Long Jump
P18: Paper Windmill
P19: Sand Castle
P20: Racket

Q1: Parking
Q2: Hare
Q3: Scooter
Q4: Tank
Q5: Wrench
Q6: Sawing
Q7: Sewing Machine
Q8: Roof Tiles
Q9: Woolly Jumper
Q10: Basketball Net
Q11: Electricity Sign
Q12: Sock
Q13: Apple Core
Q14: Rhino
Q15: Bird House
Q16: Plastic Bag
Q17: Pole Vault
Q18: Table Tennis Bat
Q19: Teddy Bear
Q20: Foot Prints

R1: Tent
R2: Wasp
R3: Pram
R4: Winner
R5: Hose Reel
R6: Paint Set
R7: Stop Watch
R8: Nest
R9: Vine
R10: Basketball Player
R11: Skull
R12: Lawnmower
R13: Rabbit
R14: Top Hat
R15: Tulip
R16: Puppy
R17: Camel Rider
R18: Spade
R19: Donkey
R20: Pear

S1: Reindeer
S2: Panda
S3: Snowman
S4: Llama
S5: Beaver
S6: Skier
S7: No Entry
S8: Broken Hearted
S9: Badminton
S10: Kennel
S11: Postage Stamp
S12: Parrot
S13: Bird
S14: Kite Flyer
S15: Goat
S16: Gold Bar
S17: Treasure
S18: Reading a Book
S19: X Marks the Spot
S20: Flag

T1: Robin
T2: Cherries
T3: Sign
T4: Thumbs Up
T5: Hop Scotch
T6: Dollar
T7: Ice Skater
T8: Tyre Tread
T9: Fence
T10: Radioactive
T11: Butterfly
T12: Ladybug
T13: Palm Tree
T14: Torch
T15: Mobile Phone
T16: Floppy Disc
T17: Camel
T18: Treasure Map
T19: Bowling Ball
T20: Alien