Carnival Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross Carnival Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Carnival Pack

Table of Content

Token Grid

Column A

A1: Poncho
A2: Raincoat
A3: Skeleton Costume
A4: Fans
A5: Drummer
A6: Cocktail
A7: Bleachers
A8: Police Officer
A9: Balloons
A10: BBQ

Column B

B1: Taxi
B2: Bicycle
B3: Ambulance
B4: Medic
B5: Mask
B6: Headdress
B7: Princess Costume
B8: Bandit Costume
B9: Fireworks
B10: Flag Bearer

Column C

C1: Coconut
C2: Cowgirl
C3: Siren
C4: Flamingo
C5: Sushi
C6: Speaker
C7: Guard
C8: Guard Dog
C9: Acrobat
C10: Police Car

Column D

D1: Ice Cream
D2: Lei
D3: Family
D4: Pirate
D5: Interviewer
D6: Castanets
D7: Waist Bag
D8: Burger
D9: Private Box
D10: Wheelchair

Column E

E1: Steel Drum
E2: Straw Hat
E3: Stew
E4: Sunglasses
E5: Horn
E6: Marshal
E7: Fruit
E8: Gems
E9: Clown
E10: Stilt Walker

Column F

F1: Dumplings
F2: Face Paint
F3: TV Camera
F4: Microphone
F5: Carnival Queen
F6: Cashew Nut
F7: Saxophone
F8: Seat
F9: Bottled Water
F10: Popcorn

Column G

G1: Pao de Queijo
G2: Pastels
G3: Umbrella
G4: Trumpet
G5: Crowd
G6: Dancer
G7: Feathered Wings
G8: Feathers
G9: Floodlights
G10: Float

Column H

H1: Table
H2: Ticket
H3: Tinsel
H4: Trombone
H5: Lights
H6: Maracas
H7: Pie
H8: Pizza
H9: Sailor
H10: Ribbon

Column I

I1: Camera
I2: Selfie
I3: Juggler
I4: Sombrero
I5: Glitter
I6: Guitar
I7: Beads
I8: Beer
I9: Backpack
I10: Unicycle

Column J

J1: Sun Cream
J2: Tambourine
J3: Wigs
J4: Flowers
J5: Sign
J6: Soda
J7: Flag
J8: Flipflops
J9: Ticket Office
J10: Bigtop

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