Birthday Party Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross Birthday Party Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Carnival Pack

Birthday Pack Picture Cross

Table of Content

Token Grid

Column A

A1: Soda
A2: Grandparents
A3: Parents
A4: Cake Stand
A5: Fancy Dress
A6: Party Popper
A7: Candles
A8: Sparkler
A9: Pizza
A10: Skewers

Column B

B1: Cupcake
B2: Jell-O
B3: Party Favors
B4: Cake Slice
B5: Cake
B6: Banner
B7: Card
B8: Party Hat
B9: Tuxedo
B10: JG

Column C

C1: Family
C2: Waiter
C3: Air Kiss
C4: Speech
C5: Toast
C6: Tablecloth
C7: Table
C8: Milkshake
C9: Bicycle
C10: Fireworks

Column D

D1: Table Decoration
D2: Cutlery
D3: Clown
D4: Band
D5: Camera
D6: Coffee
D7: Sunglasses
D8: Computer
D9: Gift Voucher
D10: Car

Column E

E1: Ice Sculpture
E2: Chair
E3: Dancing
E4: Party
E5: Pass the Parcel
E6: Bouncy Castle
E7: Surprise
E8: Party Planner
E9: Bill
E10: Age Number

Column F

F1: Trampoline
F2: Bar
F3: Doll
F4: Muffin
F5: Cocktail
F6: Wine
F7: Red Carpet
F8: Speakers
F9: Music
F10: Swimming Pool

Column G

G1: Champagne
G2: Drumstick
G3: Limo
G4: Gift
G5: Disco
G6: Balloons
G7: Streamers
G8: Sandwich
G9: Chips
G10: Pinata

Column H

H1: Book
H2: Phone
H3: Games Console
H4: Jewelry
H5: Beer
H6: Fanfare
H7: Donut
H8: Singer
H9: Party Dress
H10: Ice

Column I

I1: Handshake
I2: Plush Toy
I3: Gift Wrap
I4: Watch
I5: Flowers
I6: Song
I7: Skateboard
I8: Ice Cream
I9: Popcorn
I10: Friends

Column J

J1: Sausage Roll
J2: Invitation
J3: Money
J4: Toy Car
J5: Toy Robot
J6: Hotdog
J7: Plastic Cup
J8: Paper Napkin
J9: Plates
J10: Trashcan

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