Ancient Rome Pack Completed Solutions

Looking for answers to help you complete levels in Picture Cross Ancient Rome Pack? Find the entire cheat guide here pixel by pixel! Special thanks to Jerry Guiser to help to solve and providing answers for these puzzles!

Ancient Rome Pack

Table of Content

Token Grid

Column A

A1: Emperor
A2: Bulla
A3: Honey
A4: Mural
A5: Candles
A6: Chariot
A7: Sword
A8: Hare
A9: Goat
A10: Leopard

Column B

B1: Gladiator
B2: Arch
B3: Hydraulis
B4: Monolith
B5: Camel
B6: Figs
B7: Horse
B8: Tuba
B9: Tiger
B10: Wolf

Column C

C1: Goblets
C2: Coin
C3: Temple
C4: Silver
C5: Statue
C6: Numerals
C7: Stola
C8: Spear
C9: Lion
C10: Colosseum

Column D

D1: Wind Chimes
D2: Parrot
D3: Columns
D4: God
D5: Concrete
D6: Torch
D7: Poetry
D8: Dagger
D9: Elephant
D10: Bear

Column E

E1: Red Pottery
E2: Library
E3: Gold
E4: Odean
E5: Dice
E6: Dormouse
E7: Bust
E8: Slave
E9: Sacrifice
E10: Wrestling

Column F

F1: Mask
F2: Basilica
F3: Forum
F4: Priesthood
F5: Wagon
F6: Trident
F7: Mosaic
F8: Tesserae
F9: Hippo
F10: Wine

Column G

G1: Bound Books
G2: Pantheon
G3: Grapes
G4: Dates
G5: Augustus
G6: Sandals
G7: Romulus and Remus
G8: Trajan’s Column
G9: Bridge
G10: Ampitheater

Column H

H1: Pyxis
H2: Scroll
H3: Feast
H4: Bread
H5: Donkey
H6: Road
H7: Wild Boar
H8: Newspapers
H9: Ship
H10: Sewers

Column I

I1: Ruins
I2: Kouros
I3: Helmet
I4: Centurion
I5: Toga
I6: Tunic
I7: Sedan Chair
I8: Bathhouse
I9: Megalith
I10: Aqueduct

Column J

J1: Urn
J2: Goddess
J3: Ludi
J4: Shield
J5: Armor
J6: Laurel Leaf
J7: Naval Battle
J8: Tympanum
J9: Cornu
J10: Swimming

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